Upromise Credit Card

If you are looking to save some extra money for college expenses, you should have already checked out the Upromise Credit Card. There are just too many interesting ways to be able to get cash back with the Upromise Credit Card that it certainly deserves at least to be added to everyone's list of ways to save money for college. The MasterCard offers $25 cash back with your first purchase as well as a variety of bonus ways to get cash back. The Upromise Credit Card is provided all with no annual fee as well as a nice zero APR for the first year of card issuance.

No matter what you are buying when you purchase with your Upromise Credit Card you will be earning some amount of cash back. With there being so many ways and percentages of cash back options it's really confusing to note that there are any people who are finding this program unworthy. Maybe there are better programs available, however, every little amount of money you could save over the years in saving for someone's college education.

We really want to make some time to break down the cash back system really simple for you. You will make 5% cash back whenever you are using your Upromise Credit Card to make purchases within the Upromise website. Your Upromise Credit Card will earn you 4% cash back whenever you are using it at any of the thousands of restaurants that are partnered with Upromise. Using your Upromise Credit Card will help you in return with a 3% cash return when you use it to buy gasoline from Exxon or Mobil. Then last but not least, you Upromise Credit Card will get you 2% cash back whenever you use it at participating movie theaters of Upromise. Not to mention that everything else that you purchase using your Upromise Credit Card gains you a 1% cash back. If you have realized anything by this point it should be how all of these ways of getting points will really add up pretty quickly.


You shouldn't forget that you also gain $25 cash when you initially use the Upromise Credit Card plus you will have a zero APR on all purchases and transfers for a full year. Whenever you are ready to redeem you rewards you can retrieve them also as a credit or direct deposit into your bank account. One thing to make mention of is that if you are using this account for college savings, perhaps the monies should be left alone unless there are emergencies.
You  funds can be transferred into a Upromise 529 plan, deposited in a Sallie Mae high-yield savings account, or even used to pay on your on a Sallie Mae student loan. This is the way to really make the Upromise Credit Card work for you in being able to handle the heavy lifting of funds when it comes to college expenses. Because you are looking to save this money for college expenses you should really consider applying for the Upromise Credit Card.